Proper Nutrition Is Important

Nutrition is a broad term that refers to the nourishment humans consume in the form of food. Not all types of food offer the same level of nutrients. A hamburger, for example, is an inferior form of nutrition when compared to vegetables. Many people find it difficult to select foods that provide their bodies with optimum nutrition and may seek help from a professional who can help them eat healthier.

Nutrients Your Body Needs

The human body needs seven major nutrient types to thrive: water, fat, omega-3 fatty acids, protein-amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. If the body does not consume these nutrients from healthy sources, it can become sick, fatigued, and eventually die. Obtaining these nutrients (especially fats and carbohydrates) from unhealthy dietary sources can lead to weight gain, obesity, and health problems.

Macro- & Micro-nutrients

Macronutrients are required in large amounts. Those that provide energy to the body include carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Fiber and water are macronutrients that do not provide energy but are still needed by the body. Micronutrients are not needed in large amounts, but the body still requires them to function optimally. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals that the body uses to perform various physiological functions.

Role of a Nutritionist

Nutritionists understand nutrition and food on an expert level. They use their knowledge to guide their clients’ dietary choices for health improvement and/or weight loss (depending on their clients’ goals). A nutritionist will usually assess current client diets and come up with customized meal plans designed to improve health and energy levels. Most nutritionists also provide their clients with information about the link between good dietary choices and disease management.

Rewards of a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients is a rewarding practice that pays off in the long run. Those who favor organic, whole foods over heavily processed sugars, starches and “fast food” options generally enjoy greater energy levels, improved mental clarity, and longer lifespans. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy junk food on occasion. Just limit your indulgences and focus on nutritious eating to reap maximum health benefits.